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Because Of Course Clayton Moore Plays For Akron Now...

Perhaps you remember the curious case of Clayton Moore?

Back in 2009, the Louisville (Miss.) high school quarterback received a scholarship offer from Ole Miss. Following an incident between the player and his high school coach during the semifinals of the state playoffs, that schollie offer was rescinded. Ole Miss told him he could still walk-on with the possibility of a schollie down the road, but Moore decided to look around for a better offer.

He basically threw himself at Syracuse, who would have been a good fit, personnel-wise, at the time. He flew to Syracuse on his own dime and spoke to then-offensive coordinator Rob Spence, who offered to watch tape on the player and make a decision.

Syracuse never called and Moore decided to head to Ole Miss anyway. That was pretty much the end of the story as far as we were concerned.

As for Moore, he ended up leaving Ole Miss and spending the 2010 season at Gulf Coast Community College. In 2011, he transferred back to a FBS school and will now be the starting quarterback there.

That school? Akron.

Because of course it is.