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Syracuse Football Practice, Eleven Days Til Wake Forest

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The Syracuse Orange football practice goes into hiding from here on out, so we're just keeping track of things from here on out.


Orange Fizz asks if it's a concern that Ryan Nassib was not selected as a captain. (Answer: no.).


Ivan Drago said of Rocky Balboa, "He is like a piece of iron." Well the 2011 Syracuse linebacking corp is more like a piece of clay that Dan Conley is slowly turning into a piece of iron. Bet you didn't know that was possible.

"It’s like you’ve got this piece of clay, and you’ve got this chance to mold it," Conley said of SU’s current crop of linebackers. "It’s been great to be able to take guys that haven’t had much experience playing linebacker – Doug Hogue, Derrell Smith – and make them linebackers."

While Marquis Spruill is considered the top talent, Conley wants you to know Dan Vaughan probably brings the most knowledge and experience to the position. Spruill would be the first to agree:

"I like Danny being next to me, because he fixes me sometimes," Spruill said.

Dan Vaughan completes Marquis Spruill.


There was a modicum of surprise when Kevyn Scott was announced as the defensive captain of the Syracuse Orange football team. However, there probably shouldn't have been. The defense is short of senior leaders and Scott is the one that stands out.

The choice of Scott as an SU captain is a good one. He'll be a calm and experienced voice on a young defense that needs that influence.

"It’s recognized that I am the old guy, the most experienced guy, and I have to take the lead. They come to me. I try to give them the best advice that I can. The key thing (I tell them) is you want to put in the work now. Don’t wait too long. Don’t say, ‘I’ve got four years.’ Do it now. Work hard now, and get it done now."

Scott spent a chunk of 2009 and most of 2010, so it's nice to see him get some recognition and the opportunity to go out a starter and key cog in this defense.

Get to know freshman Ritchy Desir:


DC Scott Shafer thinks stats are for losers. He also probably thinks 'thinking ahead' is for losers as well.

"Coach Shafer says – let’s not talk about we have a young group that’s going to be good in the future. Let’s talk about the young group that’s going to be good now."