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2011 Big East Media Day: Syracuse 4th In Initial Big East Media Poll

For all the talk about Syracuse taking a step back in the 2011 football season, the Big East Media certainly seem to think the Orange are going to stand their ground.

The 2011 Big East Media Poll will be officially released Tuesday morning and Syracuse will be No. 4 when it's out.

1. West Virginia

2. Pittsburgh

3. USF

4. Syracuse

5. Cincinnati

6. UConn

7. Louisville

8. Rutgers

As a frame of reference, here's the SB Nation Big East Poll, which was pretty similar. Same top three, though the bloggers swapped Syracuse and Cincy and think way less of UConn's chances this season.

No fear of West Virginia and Pitt's new coaching staffs from a lot of voters. I have to say that's a big question mark for me.

Hi Rutgers!

We'll find out the specifics today, and hopefully see exactly who voted for who. In the meantime, what do you think of being No. 4 before the season begins? Too low? Too high? Or juuuuust right?