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It's Borkowski's World, We Just Wear His T-Shirts

Because he's such a nudnik and doesn't tell me these things are happening, I scoured famed Syracuse artiste Mike Borkowski's Twitterfeed in order to keep you abreast of the latest doin's that are transpirin'.

First up, Mike's got a new t-shirt you're going to want to go out there and buy RIGHT NOW:


I'll be honest, if that t-shirt doesn't say "Beat us if you can. Survive if we let you." on the back, I'm going to be slightly disappointed. You can pick it up at the University Shops in Shoppingtown or Great Northern Mall.

Meanwhile, MBork has also launched his own cartoon blog on

I'm very excited to share my love letter to SU sports with a larger audience. I'll be posting a new drawing for each and every SU Football game as well as all the big Orange Basketball and Lacrosse games! I'll also post drawings of Otto and other Orange events or personalities any time I get inspired!

All growns up...Now go fill up that post with positive comments before the trolls get there...