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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#17 Charley Loeb

Watch out for Blue Steel.
Watch out for Blue Steel.

We're counting down every SU football player from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1). Keep track of every player profile right here.

Up next? Backup quarterback/team dreamboat, Charley Loeb

Year: Junior

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 212 pounds

Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire

High School: Lawrence Academy

How'd He Get Here and What'd Rivals Say?:  Remember 2009? Doug Marrone inherited a football team with a gaping hole at quarterback--Cameron Dantley and Andrew Robinson graduated, and the bench had an unproven Ryan Nassib plus Cody Catalina and Nate Legree.

The stop-gap answer was Greg Paulus, but HCDM needed more signal callers on his team. Loeb was the first quarterback to sign with team Marrone, kicking off a disturbing yet helpful trend known as Orangecoachamoritis, where to-be SU recruits fall in love with the awesomeness of the SU coaching staff and leave all other teams (Boston College, Ole Miss, Memphis) behind:

"With the new staff, they're so impressive. Where they're coming from and just everything about them is very impressive."

So in came the two-star recruit--says Rivals--and out went any normal guy's chances of picking up a girl at a party with Charley Loeb at it--says Meghin Delaney on Jerk Magazine's Blog and Sean Keeley on a site you may have heard of. 

2010 Stats: Loeb was the dreamiest janitor for the SU football team last season. In mop-up duty, then-sophomore Loeb played against Washington (2-2, 22 yards), Maine (0-1), Colgate (1-2, 19 yards), and Cincinnati (3 handoffs).

2011 Projections: Charley continues to be the SPIKE TV's Blue Mountain State Alex Moran reincarnate--backup the starting QB and get the girls that come with it.

But should Ryan Nassib falter, would Loeb be ready for action? Last summer, John Kinder almost dethroned him as backup, says Nolan Weidner of

Here's one on-the-field thing Loeb has going for him: Loeb is really, really ridiculously accurate. During his senior season at Lawrence Academy, Donne Webb said he completed 75% of his throws. And if Donnie Webb says it, I believe it. 

So must HCDM, because there sits Charley at QB2 according to the gospel that is the Preseason Depth Chart. 

What Does HCDM Think?: According to's Big East Blog, Doug Marrone thinks Charley Loeb has done some nice things as an SU QB:

"Charley Loeb has done some nice things"

Just consider it a blessing to be in his good graces, pretty boy.

Links of Wonder: Charley plays pitch and catch with the enemy (different sport, same poopy school) here.

Lettuce Getta Good Look Atchya: Here's Chuck getting coached up by former NFLer, Todd Krueger:

Quarterback Coach Todd Krueger Practice Drills With Charley Loeb (via EliteQBTraining07)

An Open Letter Of Apology to Charley Loeb:

Chuck (Can I Call You Chuck?),

I wanted to take an aside and apologize for the repeated references to your good looks throughout the profile.  You probably just want to be respected as a football player, and trust me, I get that. I want people to know me as only a sports blogger and journalist, but my dashingly good looks and boyish charm always make women see me as a hunk of meat rather than a writer. It can really grind my gears sometimes. 

You're probably going to go all Tom Brady. And when you throw touchdown passes/unveil "Magnum", I'll we'll all be cheering for you/buying your cologne.

Yours in attractiveness, 

Nicholas Toney