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FACT: China Hates Georgetown

You don't have to tell Syracuse Orange fans that, when the Georgetown Hoyas come around, you're probably going to feel the desire to throw a chair in their general direction.

SU fans usually keep those feelings in check (usually...). So you can't fault the Chinese too much considering this whole "hosting Georgetown" thing is relatively new for them (via Gene Wang)...



If I'm Joe Biden, I swap out that blue & gray tie ASAP. You don't want to be strolling the streets of China looking like a Georgetown sympathizer right now. Or ever, really.

Geez, Georgetown, if you can make the peace-loving, civil rights-pushing, democratic people of China hate you, what can't you do?

Between this and Scoop's dominance in the World University Games, I'd say we can officially add China to the Otto-Man Empire. FILL THEM IN!

As much as it might pain you, keep an eye on Casual Hoya for updates as this could get very interesting (and fun). The Hoyas might have just single-handidly started World War III, which, I'm pretty sure Nostradamus predicted.

Update: Check out the photos from the brawl. Goodness!



Update 2: Here's an eyewitness account of what happened.

Update 3: Here's the video. YIKES.