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Big East Expansion: Big 12 Collapse, SEC Growth, ACC Sneakiness & You

There are times when I want to lay out a gameplan on how everything's going to fall into place once Texas A&M leaves the Big 12 for the SEC (because let's face it, it's happening). Then I realize there are so many variables at play that it seems like a silly exercise.

What I can do in the meantime is try to track every nutty rumor out there to see if what sticks and how much of it might help or hurt the Big East while we our conference sits back and watches Rome burn.

Are Kansas and Kansas State in not-so-secret discussions with the Big East already? CollegeFootballTalk thinks so...

In a related story, a source very close to the situation has informed us late last night that preliminary talks have begun between Kansas and the Big East because of the Jayhawks’ unimaginable frustration over the network.

Could Louisville go to the Big 12? Apparently their name has been bandied about:

As far as finding a replacement for the Aggies — and Bailey really makes it sound like he expects A&M to leave — Houston, BYU, Air Force and Louisville have all been mentioned as potential candidates, with BYU gaining the most momentum as of late.

Are Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati three schools intrinsically-linked? One writer thinks so...

UK-UL and UL-UC moreso than UK-UC, and those links are going to be part of any exploration of conference expansion or moves. Some suggest Kentucky would be totally against Louisville joining the SEC, but other ideas suggest it makes a ton of sense.

West Virginia would like you to know they can hack it in the ACC, SEC or any other C they might end up.

Despite its most recent drought against ACC teams in it last two bowl appearances, WVU has shown it is capable of competing against its membership and the possibility of a renewal of rivalries with Boston College and Miami-Virginia Tech is one of the school's rumored to be heading to the SEC-can't be a bad thing.

And while Notre Dame isn't a football member, the Big 12 might just take a run at them as a full-time partner, ill-fated as it might be.

"They will leave," the Big 12 administrator told the American-Statesman on Monday night. "We'll try to add one or three teams." The administrator added that the Big 12 will try to persuade Notre Dame and Brigham Young to consider joining the league if A&M departs .

A silver lining in all of this...Big East expansion could ruin Georgetown's day.

Once the Big East members can get a minimum of 12 FBS schools, they'll feel more secure that their automatic BCS bid will be safe the next time it comes up for a vote, but if the other leagues are trying to go to 16, then they'll probably look to do that as well. They'll unquestionably jettison the non-FBS members of the conference (Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, Marquette, DePaul, and depending on whether Villanova makes the leap or not, 'Nova). 

And so, what do we know now that we didn't know before reading this? Absolutely nothing!