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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 10: Rise Of The Freshmen

Ritchy Desir and Louis Addazio are making you feel uncomfortable, via <a href=""></a>
Ritchy Desir and Louis Addazio are making you feel uncomfortable, via

Day 10 of Syracuse Orange football practice saw the return of some friendly faces and the development of some new ones as well.


I feel like I never write anything about the QB position, which I suppose is a very good thing. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you knew we still had QBs.


Rahme thinks H-back David Stevens is going to be a contributor this season. Nassib seems to be developing a lot of short targets and he's got plenty to work with, between Stevens, Harris, Provo and the rest of the TEs.


Dorian Graham and Keenan Hale continue to be wide receivers not named Lemon or Chew that make noise.

That said, Sir Alec Lemon was back at full-force after missing time with an injury.

From the "nice catch, Hayes, don't ever f***ing do it again" files...

...freshman Jeremiah Kobena got open on a deep streak and caught a long TD pass. Calling for a chest bump from offensive guard Zack Chibane, who was running downfield to congratulate his teammate, Kobena got what he asked for. Chibane flattened him. "Nice concentration," offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said to Kobena. "Nice celebration," he said to Chibane, giving him a high-five.


Thank goodness everything worked out academically with Sweet Lou Alexander, huh? Alexander "lacks the flattened stomach that defines this season’s line" but he's holding his own and provides a nice, cushy security blanket for a unit decimated by injury.

Hopefully freshman Rob Trudo is able to sort out any first-year jitters. It's looking more and more like he will be the back-up center.

Marrone mentioned at the post-practice presser that Ian Allport could be out for the entire season. Nick Lepak is expected back sooner than later.


The Education of Deon Goggins is a major subplot to the 2011 season. The highly-touted JC transfer never played a down for the Orange last year. Deon struggled with technique and found himself relatively unhappy being so far from home. Thankfully, he seems refocused in 2011 and ready to make an impact:

"Last year was a long, rough ride," Goggins said recently. "It doesn’t get worse than that. This year I’m through it. I put it all behind me. I’m ready to come out here this year and be one of the playmakers and help this team win the Big East."


Rahme thinks Dyshawn Davis still needs to grow into his position at WLB, but one he does, look out.


#SHAMARKO Thomas is expected back Tuesday while the team is still waiting to see how Phillip Thomas' broken jaw will react to contact.

Special Teams

Tough day for the kickers. Everyone was shanking it so badly, Coach Tyrone Wheatley had to chuck balls in Prince-Tyson Gulley's direction just so he could get enough return reps.


Don' forget, the injury bug is so prevalent in Syracuse this year, it has also hit Doug Marrone (knee surgery) and Greg Adkins. Take your vitamins, Jimmy Brumbaugh.

Not that you were worried but you can lock Ross Krautman in as our kicker and kickoff guy:

"I think Ross Krautman has done a good job on PAT and field goal," Marrone said. Lichtenstein will get some more reps as we go, but Ross has done a good job. And I'm happy with Ross because he’s come back and his kickoffs have been better."


Doug Marrone talks about day 10 of preseason practice.


Mike Lindsley says it's a running back who Syracuse could miss this year in more ways than one.