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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #22 Adrian Flemming

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In today's first edition of "Get To Know...", we take a look at sophomore wide receiver Adrian Flemming. To catch up on anyone you've missed, click here.

Number:  22

Position:  Wide Receiver

Year:  Sophomore

Height:  6'3"

Weight:  196

Hometown:  Ashburn, VA

High School:  Broad Run HS

2010 Stats:  Adrian played in two games, with his debut coming against Rutgers, but he does not have any stats to his name...yet.

2011 Projections:  Flemming could be one of the major benefactors of this whole Marcus Sales debacle, as well as the injury epidemic that's hit the hill.  He had a very promising spring, and has reportedly looked solid this summer as well.  Here's what I wrote about him in my wide receiver spring report card:

Adrian Flemming: (B)  Flemming is one of the many young second-tier receivers looking to break into a larger role on the roster.  He's a big receiver, standing at 6'3", and has very good jumping ability, and made some very acrobatic grabs during the spring.  I can definitely envision Flemming being a real threat in the red zone with his size.


How'd He Get Here?:  Adrian Flemming's recruiting story is one all-too-familiar for those who follow how Doug Marrone and company conduct their business:

1.)  Recruit comes to one-day camp.  

2.)  Recruit becomes enamored with campus, school, team, coaching staff, etc.  

3.)  Recruit impresses at one day camp.  

4.)  Staff offers recruit.  

5.)  Recruit signs.

Flemming signed with SU over heavy hitters Temple, Ohio U, and Marshall.  After former SU assistant Jamie Elizondo moved on, Greg Adkins became his lead recruiter.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?:  Scout gave Flemming 2-stars, while Rivals was a bit more impressed and awarded him 3-stars.

Money Quote:  Flemming on his Syracuse recruitment-

"I just liked the environment. I loved the coaching staff. I loved the school; loved everything about it."

Links of Wonder: Here's Donnie Webb's story on Flemming committing to SU.

What Does Doug Marrone Think?:  I can't find any quote floating out there, but judging by Flemming's expanded role in the offense, I'm sure he's impressed.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:  Flemming is a flat-out winner.  In 2008 and 2009, his high school team had two consecutive 14-0 state championship seasons.

Let Us Get A Good Look at You:  This catch is bananas.

Bonus: Adrian Fleming's Catch (via JennyB20147)