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A Little TNIAAM Housecleaning

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Just because I want to make sure you and I have enough time to chat before football season starts. Because once it starts, I won't have time to discuss the weather with you. Unless we're discussing how the weather might affect a Syracuse Orange football game. Then I will discuss that with you gladly. Unless it's a Syracuse home game, in which case the weather has no bearing and I will consider you an idiot for even bringing it up.

On The Facebook? Make sure you Like the TNIAAM Facebook page.

On The Twitter? Make sure you're following TNIAAM there as well. I will make a lot of snap judgements during football games this Fall there. You don't want to miss that. I write in ALL CAPS often.

On The Google Plus? So am I! We should "circle" one another, or whatever you call it. This will be really important in 2014, so, get on it now.

Interested in one of those blogging classes I incessantly shove down everyone's throat? I've got full videos of two of them, Professional Blogging Boot Camp and Sports Blogging 101, available for purchase on my personal site. If you're interested in starting your own blog, sign up for one of them and I'll send you the video ASAP to watch whenever you want.

Live in the Western Washington region? As unlikely as that might be, I'm teaching some classes live in Marysville, WA this Fall. Check it out if you're interested in attending.

Interested in taking a live online blogging course? I don't have one scheduled at the moment but I could be convinced to hold one relatively soon. Inquire within at Seanmkeeley-at-Yahoo-dot-com.

And of course, make sure everyone you know owns a copy of How To Grow An Orange, be it paperback or e-book (now only $3.99). And if you'd like a signed copy of HTGAO or last year's Orange Tip-Off Magazine, inquire within as well.