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Out Indefinitly: The 2011 Syracuse Football Training Camp Story

Out indefinitely. It's a phrase Syracuse Orange football fans have been seeing way too much of this August, especially amongst our offensive line. And you can add one more lineman to that "out indefinitely" list.


And so, if you're keeping score, here's the entire Out Indefinitely list...

  • OL Jarel Lowery (torn ACL)
  • OL Sean Hickey (torn ACL)
  • OL Nick Robnison (concussion)
  • OL Ian Allport (concussion)
  • OL Nick Lepak (concussion)
  • OL Kris Curtis (ankle)
  • DB Keon Lyn (dislocated shoulder)
  • S #SHAMARKO Thomas (concussion)
  • LB Zach McCarrell (concussion)

That doesn't include folks like Sweet Lou Alexander, Phillip Thomas, Alec Lemon, Tombe Kose, Cory Boatman, Prince-Tyson Gulley and Steve Rene who are all nursing injuries of various size.

The silver lining on the offensive line side is that all five slotted starters remain healthy (knock on every piece of wood you can find). It's just that the depth chart underneath them is now wafer thin.

Speedy recovery to the (many) Orange on the sidelines.