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Fab Melo Helps Brazil Start World University Games 2-0

fab melo
fab melo

Fab Melo and the Brazilian National Team are off to a great start in the 2011 World University Games. Keep this up and we might yet get that Scoop-Fab showdown we so desperately want (we do want that, right?).

Fab scored 9 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and blocked 3 shots in Brazil's 77-74 overtime win over Romania in the opening game. Melo also fouled out after 17 minutes of action and was 3-of-10 from the field, so there's that.

Melo was able to make it for all of the 2nd game. In fact, he received nary a foul in Brazil's 103-57 shellacking of United Arab Emirates. Fab scored 8 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in the win.

Up next for Brazil is China (Monday), Germany (Wednesday) and Czech Republic (Thursday). The Germans are also 2-0 while the Czechs and Chinese are 1-1.

While not from the WUG, here's some footage of Fab from Germany when the Brazillian team was scrimmaging very tiny people there: