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Scoop Jardine, Team USA Top Mexico & Hungary In World University Games

PEEK-A-SCOOP! via <a href=""></a>

Two games in and Scoop Jardine is making his presence felt on Team USA in the 2011 World University Games.

The US opened the tournament up against Mexico. Unlike our national soccer team, these guys got it done after falling behind early. Scoop scored seven points and grabbed three rebounds in 16 minutes of action as Team USA eventually cruised to a 108-67 win.

Things were even easier on Sunday when Team USA basically doubled-up Hungary 102-53. Scoop saw 19 minutes of action, tied for the most of any player, and scored fifteen points to go with three assists.

Here's Scoop on the Hungary game:

"I think we click on offense," Jardine said. "They’re not going to do too much about us on offense, because we can do some great things. It’s about us on the defensive end. That’s what coach keeps preaching. If we continue to impose our will on the defensive end, we should be in great shape."

Of course, there's more just playing basketball going on. There's a whole village full of athletes and a city to explore. How is Scoop spending his time?

Right now, we’re just interacting with everybody, trading pins and everything. We’re just getting the experience inside the village. I’ve met so many people, talking to people, trying to learn their language, just interacting, putting yourself in their shoes. We’re out of the country. We might as well experience a great thing like this. After tomorrow I think we’ll get to go out and get to enjoy the city. That should be good.

That should be GREAT if you blog about it and take pics, Scoop.

Up next for Team USA is South Korea on Monday, Finland on Wednesday and finally Israel on Thursday, All three teams are 1-1.

Update: Scoop just keeps getting better. He scored 16 points and dished three assists as the US defeated South Korea, 112-68.

No video of the team play yet but here's some footage of the very ornate, very over-the-top opening ceremonies.