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Big East Expansion: Grab Some Popcorn, Sit Back & Enjoy The SEC Show

Gotta say, I was pretty wary of this whole Texas A&M to the SEC business. Had a feeling it was just a way for the Aggies to make the Big 12 get tough on Texas and the Longhorn Network.

But, looks like it actually might happen. You know how I know? People are taking meetings on the matter.

Oklahoma had a meeting to discuss their gameplan. The SEC has a meeting scheduled this weekend to discuss "stuff." Texas A&M has a meeting scheduled for Monday to discuss the campus rose garden...and probably to decide whether or not to go to the SEC.

If it actually goes down, expect the dominoes to fall and expect them to fall fast. The SEC going to 14 (they'll obviously want to even up the divisions) will put the fear of expansion into the Big Ten and ACC, especially if the ACC gets raided for that 14 team (Hi Florida State).

If THAT happens, where do you think the ACC will look for a replacement?

Conversely, if you're the Big East and you're watching the Big 12 burn like Rome, I wonder if you re-open up that dialogue you had with the likes of Kansas and Missouri last year. Or perhaps maybe you already have?

And if the SEC goes 14 and the ACC goes 14...well...who's to say?

Anyway, it's all just talking out of our asses at this point. Let's just sit back and see where we all are on Monday cause this could get very fun and/or horrifying.