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Syracuse Football: What's With All The Concussions?

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Syracuse fans are used to watching their football players drop like flies in August. Whether it's because of infractions or injuries, there's just something about this time of year that makes the Football Gods take out their frustration on us.

This year the injury bug is back and biting about as often as I've ever seen. In particular, the bug seems to aiming for the skulls of our football players, attempting to rattle the delicate brains inside.

Multiple Syracuse football players are currently off the field indefinitely as they recover from the effects of a concussion. Offensive linemen Nick Lepak and Ian Allport are both out due to them and now they've even gotten to #SHAMARKO. Apparently there's a lot more SU players with "symptoms" of a concussion that we haven't even heard about, according to Dave Rahme.

Is it over-exertion? Too much hitting? Not enough protection? Just dumb luck (or lack thereof?). Rahme has been on the scene since Day 1 and he's downright puzzled...

From my perspective the head injuries are puzzling. Camp has been high-paced and intense, but not anymore than other camps I have attended over the last two-plus decades. I have heard no ringing collisions suggestive of serious head-banging, nor have I witnessed any blatant helmet-to-helmet strikes. Yet, the number of players lining up to see the trainers with concussive symptoms seems to grow daily. It makes me wonder if there is some kind of equipment issue.

Whatever the issue, I'm sure Coach Marrone and his staff are looking into it. From a player safety standpoint, it's paramount. But also...we can't afford to lose too many more guys, especially if they're going to be out indefinitely.