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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 7: Walking Wounded

Dem Thomas Boys, via <a href=""></a>
Dem Thomas Boys, via

It was Day 7 of Syracuse Orange football practice Thursday and the Cuse is in serious danger of running out of scholarship football players. They're dropping like flies...


Tombe Kose was off to the side all day, in shorts and not practicing with the team.

Tyrone Wheatley called Adonis Ameen-Moore a "natural running back", who is still adjusting to the college game.


Report is in on Ian Allport. It's a concussion. Same for freshman Nick Robinson. Both players are out indefinitely.

Meanwhile left guard Sweet Lou Alexander and right guard Jarel Lowery were both in shorts, not practicing.

A little bit of good news? Freshman Rob Trudo was back on the field after missing Wednesday’s practice.

The legend of Jesse Wolf-Gould continues to grow. The walk-on freshman is currently battling for the No. 2 center spot and doing a pretty admirable job of it.

"I credit Jesse Wolf-Gould today," Marrone said. "You’re talking about someone that’s a freshman, that’s walked onto our program and is playing with the second team. We had nine lineman, and we’re rotating people through that left guard position. We hope to get some players back tomorrow, which we hope we will. And then we’ll move forward from there."


Eric Crume isn't human. Or, at least, if he is human, he's made from different things than you and I.

"It’s God-given," Brumbaugh, a former All-SEC defensive tackle at Auburn and now an SU assistant coach, said of the rookie. "It’s just God-given. Here’s what he’s got: He’s got explosive power for a short distance. He has the ability to anchor things and push the pocket on pass rush. He’s just a kid and he bench presses more than 400 pounds. When you go to touch him it’s like you can’t move him."

As Ivan Drago would say, 'He is like a piece of iron.' Thanks to a Cory Boatman injury, Crume has been seeing a lot of snaps and isn't afraid to get nasty.

"If you’re not ready to take the pain you shouldn’t be in the game."


The inujury bug has reached the defensive secondary.

First, I know you didn't think it was possible, but #SHAMARKO has a concussion. That or he's actually indestructible and just pretending to fit in with all the other injured players. He's out indefinitely.

Next, Keon Lyn was hurt so bad, he was carted off the field and taken to the hospital. The early word is a shoulder or collar bone injury. No word from Keon himself, other than that he's bummed.

If Lyn is out for a while, Ri’Shard Anderson will likely replace him as a starter.

That's three starters now on the sidelines (Phil Thomas - broken jaw). UGH. Still, Marrone remains upbeat about his secondary:

"We’ve got a lot of secondary people," he said. "We have more secondary people than we do the center. We’ve got some good, young players that are going to get some great reps. I’m excited about that."


Think all of the injuries have Doug Marrone changing his gameplan and strategy? THINK AGAIN.

"It is full go ahead," he said. "We’re not changing a thing."


Head Coach Doug Marrone talks about day seven of preseason practice, injuries and Fan Fest.