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Syracuse Football: Get to Know Your Orange Man -- #26 Kevyn Scott

That's it.  I'm throwing down the gauntlet:

If any current Syracuse football players want to write their own profiles -- you know the format and, hell, I don't even care if you follow it -- email someone here that has a modicum of publishing authority.  That way, I can get down to important business, like writing 1,000 words on Doug Marrone's love affair with the visor.

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PLAYER: Kevyn Scott


POSITION: Cornerback // Training Table Treatment Receiver

YEAR: Graduate Student (There are a lot of people that go to school for seven years.)

HEIGHT: 5'11"


HOMETOWN: Tamarac, Florida

HIGH SCHOOL: St. Thomas Aquinas School

2010 STATS: He was broken last year for seven games -- he was suffering from something like wrist and hamstring injuries or a violent panda bear mauling (I don't know; it was like a year ago and the details are kind of fuzzy -- so he didn't exactly have a full season of fancy stat padding.  In the six games he did play, though, he had seven tackles and one pick. 

2011 PROJECTIONS: According to the preseason depth chart, Scott has a first-choice corner position sewn up.  Hooray for super seniors!

Regardless of whether Scott starts or cedes the position to Ri'Shard Anderson, the cat is going to see a lot of the field given the differeing looks that Scott Shafer likes to throw out on the field. 

Dave Rahme of The Post-Standard seems pretty comfortable with Scott's performance this preseason, and that's A-OK with me, sonny boy.

WHAT DID SCOUT/RIVALS SAY?: Scout gave Scott the very special and rare 60-star treatment.  Rivals one-upped Scout and gave Scott 61 stars and a brand new Oldsmobile.

MONEY QUOTE: When you've got one bullet left in your gun, you better take full stock of the situation that you're in.  Scott has:

Scott doesn’t care much to relive the frustration of 2010, but he did learn from it, and his time on the sidelines did give him a sense of urgency for his final go around.

"It’s very important, after having a year like last year," he said of the upcoming season.

"You begin to appreciate playing and being on the field. I never appreciated football like I do now, just being healthy and able to play. I thank God for every moment, every play that I get to play out there and every practice that I get to practice."

INTERESTING NUGGET O' INTEREST: Kevyn was invited to Barack Obama's inauguration.  Or he wasn't.  I'm not sure.  Is that thing like war games?  I don't know.  Al Gore was there, and the mere mention of political things made me want to sell my computer.

WHAT DOES DOUG MARRONE THINK?: He probably won't report him to the FBI for crimes he didn't commit, mostly because last year (pre-injuries), Marrone was pretty high on Scott:

"I was very excited about Kevyn Scott," Marrone said. "He had a very good couple days (before the injury) where he really was playing a lot better than he had played before here."

Let us never mention the before time again, when Kevyn and Nico Scott were making me want to break things that I purchased with hard-earned American dollars.

BISHOP ALLEN AS FOOTBALL CAREER THEORY: Indie rock me, sons (I have no idea what's going on during the video):