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Brandon Triche Is The King Of King Of Kings

Brandon Triche's time in Estonia was fruitful on a personal level but not-so-much on a team level. Getting left off the all-tournament team might've chapped his butt a little bit. It would have been understandable if he wanted to take out some aggression on someone to re-establish the pecking order.

Pecking order was re-established last night in the King of Kings League when Triche joined JD's Finest and led them a to a 137-122 win over The Gunnas by scoring 52 points (FIFTY-TWO).

It was the regular season finale for the team and, we would assume, Triche will stick around the playoff, which begin next week.

Don't look to the King of Kings website for updated info, it doesn't seem to have been updated in years.

Random note. Remember Baye Moussa Keita's injury from Estonia? According to BMK, it's all healed up and he's ready to get back to Cuse-y business.