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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 6: And The Thunder Rolled

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Day 6 of Syracuse Orange football practice went into the Dome once again after some thunder and lightning. And no, that's not what I'm calling Adonis Ameen-Moore and Antwon Bailey. Yet.


Rahme took some time to check out Terrel Hunt and came away impressed.

I made it a point to pay some attention to him Tuesday and saw a kid with a fine arm and graceful speed. Nice.


Adonis Ameen-Moore reminds Rahme of Jerome Bettis while Jerome Smith impresses.


Dorian Graham and Jeremiah Kobena need to work on their consistency, which seems to be an SU receiver thing. Except for Jarrod West, who is apparently catching everything in a 10-mile radius. Breakout star in the works?


Lord Beckett of Wales has traded in his jersey No. 97 for No. 85.


As mentioned previously, our back-up centers are dropping like flies. Nick Lepak remains out with a concussion while Ian Allport and Robert Trudo went down due to unknown injuries.

A name to remember? Freshman walk-on Jesse Wolf-Gould, who ended up taking some snaps.


Junior defensive tackle Deon Goggins is 15 pounds lighter and appears to be quicker.


Rahme says Keon Lyn, Kevyn Scott and Ri’Shard Anderson are holding their own. However, that 4th DB spot is wide open. Freshmen Jaston George, Ritchy Desir and Brandon Reddish are all in the mix and sorting themselves out.


According to Marrone, the defense is ahead of the offense right now. Surprised?

"We should still be doing the same things, not missing any assignments. Everyone else should just operate and just go. That’s a concern right now. You would think that we would be better on that side of the ball."

While Coach Greg Adkins is back with the team, he's limited to working in the film room until healthy enough to rejoin practice.


YNN has interviews with Coach Marrone, Marquis Spruill, Chandler Jones, Ross Krautman and Keon Lyn.

Doug Marrone talks about day six of preseason practice.

Mike Lindsley says two freshman could be special for the football Orange in 2011.