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Everyone, Form A Protective Wall Around Macky MacPherson

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Syracuse Orange football fans have concerns about the size and experience that sophomore Macky MacPherson brings to the starting center position. Those concerns have to be secondary at the moment, however.

Just keeping Macky's limbs and vital organs in working condition is officially Priority No. 1, especially since we no longer have any other option at his position.

"For the first time, for me, we had four centers going into camp and we wound up with just one by the end of today’s practice," said an exasperated Marrone, who seemingly has had a different fire to put out on each of the first six days of preseason camp.

Ian Allport? Left practice Wednesday with an inury. Rob Trudo? Same thing. Nick Lepak? Currently recovering from a concussion.

The key at this point for Marrone? Out-smart the situation. More than that? Out-smart Macky MacPherson.

"You can’t have Macky take all of those snaps, because he’s our starting center," Marrone said. "I give him credit, he wanted to take them all, but obviously we’re a lot smarter than that."

Marrone says he's going to sit down with the coaching staff to figure out how to tackle the situation, or block it as the case might be. Says Marrone, "I’m going to have to make a decision somewhere." Good point, Doug. Whenever you decide to make that decision, make it in a place that exists.

On a related note...welcome back, offensive line coach Greg Adkins!