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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 5: Little Speech, Big World

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Day 5 of Syracuse Orange football practice featured a visit by some guy named Floyd Little.

"It was really a great message he sent," Marrone said. "He’s always been part of the family so we can’t say welcome to the family, but you know what? He’s here now. Basically, he’s at the dinner table. It’s nothing but an asset that’s only going to make us better."

It also featured the first day of full-on contact and the players seemed more than willing to knock skulls. How'd you like it, Doug?

"I thought our tackling at this time of year is better than it’s been before," Marrone said. "That’s not to say it’s where we want it to be, but I think on both sides of the football we have to keep picking up and forcing the tempo to be at a higher and higher level every time we go out there."


Doug Marrone knows who Adonis Ameen-Moore is and he's impressed, though it might be time to lay off the Chipotle:

"I’m impressed with Adonis’ foot work," Marrone said. "I think he has to lose some weight. I think we all know that. But he’s a very big back."

H-back David Stevens is proving himself a capable pass-catcher out of the backfield, something that could earn him some serious PT.


Jarrod West and Adrian Flemming are emerging in camp and showing little fear when it comes to going over the middle.


Freshman nose guard Eric Crume got some reps with the first defense and held his own. Meanwhile, Rahme says Chandler Jones is giving SU offensive linemen the fits.


SU Linebacker Dyshawn Davis talks about his life and football.


So we know that Phillip Thomas is going to be sidelined for a little bit after breaking his jaw. Well tell that to Phil, who spent much of the day working with the team and helping his replacement:

Despite his injury, Thomas spent time in the defensive backfield with Durell Eskridge, showing the true freshman how to position himself as the first-team offense walked through various plays.

Jeremi Wilkes is seeing time at free safety as well, even though he was a corner last year.

Dave Rahme minces words when it comes to #SHAMARKO. In as much as that he doesn't:

Junior strong safety Shamarko Thomas (5-10, 208) is a freight train looking for anyone who dares to cross his tracks.


Doug has some more to say on this Floyd Little character who showed up to practice:

"It is very fortunate for myself and for our assistant coaches to rely on him, but more importantly for our players to have him around our program," Marrone said."It's an asset that's only going to make us better."


Doug Marrone talks about day five of preseason practice.

Mike Lindsley likes speed but loves size when it comes to Syracuse football: