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Big East Media Day 2011: The Quiet Before The Shellfish Storm

The good stuff isn't until tonight and tomorrow but today kicks off 2011 Big East Media Day festivities in metropolitan Newport, Rhode Island.

All your favorite celebrities will be there. Big East commissioner John Marinatto! Casino enthusiast Dana Holgersen! Noted grouch Greg Schiano! And who knows, maybe Dave Wannstadt will show up just out of habit!

Over at the Big East site, they'll be airing interviews with the coaches and players live so make sure you keep an eye on that.

For Syracuse, Coach Marrone, Chandler Jones, Mikhail Marinovich, Ryan Nassib and Antwon Bailey will be on hand. For Doug, it's going to be an interesting couple days. He's got lots of good stuff to talk about (Pinstripe Bowl, "America's Friendliest Coach," great recruiting class) but he's also got a few things on his plate he'd rather not discuss (Marcus Sales, PTG). So, set the "no comment" bar high.

The interviews and conference business might be tomorrow but the main event is tonight. The Clambake. Make sure you're up on who the contenders are for the Lobster-eating title and pray to God Chandler & Mikhail come hungry.

There's plenty of people who will be on-hand and live-tweeting. You know who to look to for Syracuse updates but I'll recommend Mark Ennis from Big East Coast Bias and Brett McMurphy for the Big East at-large news. And of course, keep an eye on Chandler and Antwon's Twitterfeeds for lots of updates and pics.