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2011 Syracuse Football Preseason Depth Chart Is Fully Operational

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The Syracuse Football preseason depth chart has been updated and with it come a few interesting notes of interesting interest.

Adonis Ameen-Moore weighed in at a brisk 215 in his initial profile. According to the depth chart, he's tipping the scales at 244! For comparison, Delone Carter and his biceps weighed in at 215. The question now is, is that an extra 30 pounds of muscle or...not? Cause if thats a quality goodness.

Prince Tyson-Gulley listed as the No. 2 RB, No. 1 Kick-Off Returner and No. 2 Punt Returner. So, get well soon, PTG.

Seven quarterbacks on the roster. Not that that's news, it just seems like so many more than we usually have. And that's not including dearly-departed Ashton Broyld.

Marcus Sales is your No. 1-rated X reciever, which makes sense cause he's about to get X'd out. Jarrod West is slotted in the 2nd spot. Considering he's due for a slap on the wrist, that slot likely goes to Alec Lemon and then it's up to Dorian Graham, Adrian Flemming and the rest to fill in the gaps.

Jay Bromley remains in the DT starter spot. At 267, he's either playing way above his weight or he's about to see some serious competition from Deon Goggins (280) and Eric Sloan (322).

Same thing for Cory Boatman (274), who got a hoss called Eric Crume (330) heading to camp.

Despite his spring injuries, #SHAMARKO retains his starting spot.

Any other thoughts?