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Craig Forth Makes The Varsity Team...As Head Coach

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In 2007, former Syracuse basketball player Craig Forth took over as the JV women's basketball coach at Columbia High School in East Greenbush, NY. Five years later, a dream is realized as Forth has taken over as the varsity women's basketball head coach.

FOX23 Sports has learned that Craig Forth will be the Blue Devils new versity head coach, pending board approval.  If approved, he'll take over for Kathleen Smith.

Forth assisted with the varsity last year, and was previously the JV coach for the program.

Obviously, the best part of the story remains the fact that Forth was, and remains, a first-grade teacher at Green Meadow School.

The Capitol District Hall-of-Famer averaged 4.7 PPG and 4.6 RPG and was a starter on the 2003 National Title team. He went to high school at Columbia as well, where he still holds records in scoring, rebounding and blocked shots.

So, if you have a young daughter with a propensity for posting up, there might not be a better place to settle down right now that East Greenbush. Craig will take care of her.