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Ryan Nassib Wants You To Invest In Pork Bellies, I Assume

EXCLUSIVE: Here is actual footage of Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib on the Syracuse Stock Exchange floor. His fellow traders refer to him as Martin, as is the policy with "newbies."

That's right. When he's done breaking Syracuse quarterback records, Nassib is preparing for a career of breaking bank accounts with an internship with Leigh Baldwin & Co., an investment banking firm with a branch in Syracuse.

So, I lied. That's not actually Ryan Nassib on the floor of the Syracuse Stock Exchange. That's a clip from The Simpsons. To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed for you that you didn't realize it. And they don't refer to stock market interns as "Martin." They refer to them all as "Susan J. Anthony." Why? You'd have to ask Suzie over there.

See, Nassib isn't allowed to do any trading yet. Right now, it's just all about learning the ropes.

"I just try to keep my ear into what the brokers do, whether it how they get a client, seeing how they make a trade or learning different ways of managing portfolios," Nassib said in a phone interview.

What I really like to see is that Ryan is taking some of what he's learned from Doug Marrone and applying it to the business world:

"It’s also different from the numbers standpoint, how to judge different stocks, different companies. You get it from a real-life perspective, not just a textbook."

It's pretty impressive that he's able to balance a football career, an academic career and an internship like this. Bravo to our QB. We've always known he's got a huge head on his shoulders, but it's also a pretty good one.