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NCAA '12 Syracuse Player Ratings - Chew, Krautman & Nassib Will Lead Us

Van Chew & Alec Lemon in NCAA '12
Van Chew & Alec Lemon in NCAA '12

There are many ways that we measure our Syracuse Orange football team. We have expectations based on past results. We see how other fans describe us and how national news outlets rank us. And we make assumptions based on practices and camps leading up to the season.

Obviously, all of that is crap. There's only one true way to measure how good our Orange are. That's by seeing what the people behind NCAA '12 think of the team.

We already know that EA Sports thinks the Orange are going to be "eh" this season. As a team, we're rated as a B- with a B offense and a C+ defense.

But what about the players? Who are the Syracuse Orange destined to lead us to glory? Who will be the Atlas to put us upon his shoulders and carry us to the Belk Bowl?

Turns out, it will be...Van Chew?

Yep, Van Chew is the highest-rated player on the Syracuse roster according to NCAA '12. Not that I'm against Van Chew. I love me some Big League Chew. But I'm a little surprised he's rated higher than Marcus Sales and Antwon Bailey and, well, everyone else. But what do I know, I don't make video games.

Plus, I guess that explains why they went with a Chew-Lemon chestbump for their montage.

Because you're wondering, here's the highest-rated players on the roster (in case you're wondering how I acquired, I just went to the Teambuilder tool and pulled up the Cuse roster).

Van Chew, WR - 87
Phillip Thomas, FS - 86
Ross Krautman, K - 86 (!!!)
Ryan Nassib, QB - 85
Antwon Bailey, RB - 84
Zack Chibane, OL - 83
Chandler Jones, DL - 83
Alec Lemon, WR - 82
Marcus Sales, WR - 82
Justin Pugh, OL - 82
Michael Hay, OL - 80
Prince-Tyson Gulley, RB - 80
Nick Lepak, OL - 80

Initial thought? EA is very bullish on Syracuse's offense, especially our wide receiving corp. Not to mention Ross Krautman, the third-highest-rated guy on the roster. This team is made to score. Conversely, with only two players in the 80's on defense, they're also made to be score upon.

Couple other notables on the roster:

  • #SHAMARKO? A 79. Are you f***ing kidding me, EA Sports? Are you sure you didn't mean 97?
  • Charley Loeb is a solid-if-not-spectacular 75, though of course he's a 100 on "Looks."
  • The lowest-rated player on the roster? No. 35, who is apparently a CB (49 rating). Of course, #35 is actually LB Dyshawn Davis, who will likely end up starting and being slightly-better than a 49-rating.
  • The lowest-rated non-freshman? DE Micah Robinson, who pulls in a 65 rating. Sorry, Micah.
  • Also pretty low? FB Tombe Kose (66), WR Kyle Ishman (66) and CB Ri'Shard Anderson (67). Motivation, fellas.