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Hey NFL Teams, Here's Ten Reasons You Should Sign Rob Long

Tons of undrafted free agents were signed today, including plenty of former Syracuse players. One in particular remains, as far as we know, unclaimed.

Rob Long.

This will not stand. So, NFL decision-makers, it looks like you need a little reminding as to why it's worth your time and a few shekels to bring Rob Long in for a looksie. And I've got ten very good reasons for you (in case you didn't read the headline of this post, Mr. G.M.).

1. You want accolades? Sure, how bout 2010 College Football Insiders Preseason All-American, 2010 Second Team All-BIG EAST, 2009 First Team All-BIG EAST, 2009 BIG EAST All-Academic Team selection, 2010 Ray Guy Award semifinalist, 2007 Second Team All-BIG EAST and 2007 Sporting News and College Sports Report Freshman All-American.

2. His last name is Long and he's a punter. You don't think that's a good sign?

3. One of the nation’s top punters with a 43.3 YPP career average. He punted for over 11K yards with 80 kicks inside the 20.

4. Look, this isn't about Rob being a charity case because of the cancer (which he did beat, by the way). But, I mean, look at the way everyone went nuts when the Giants signed Mark Herzlich. People were falling all over themselves to write about how great this was. Rob deserves a little bit of that as well. Great pub for you AND you get a great punter who can actually make your team...

5. Rob is a four-year starter and was named captain as a junior and senior. i.e. LEADER OF MEN.

6. Gary Anderson. Olindo Mare. Don McAulay. Tim Vesling. Nate Trout. Syracuse kickers perform well. I know those are all placekickers and we're talking about a punter, but, you see my point.

7. He's well-schooled in placeholding on field goals. It's called diversifying your skills. Look it up.

8. He's a good guy, very humble. He won't be the kind of punter to call other NFL players a douchebag. Promise.

9. Less than three weeks after brain surgery (BRAIN SURGERY!), he was with his teammates at the Pinstripe Bowl to support them. Dedicated teammate? Let there be no question.

10. Because, let's face it, your punter kinda blows. We all saw that time last season when he shanked that kick during that one know the one I'm talking about. Head-to-head, I think Rob Long can out-kick him. Don't believe me? Just sign on the line that is dotted...