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Syracuse Football: Get to Know Your Orange Man -- #40 Zachary McCarrell

Fear God?  Well, OK.  If your biceps say so.  via <a href=""></a>
Fear God? Well, OK. If your biceps say so. via

It's not 2,000 degrees outside, so that's a thing. 

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PLAYER: Zachary McCarrell


POSITION: Linebacker

YEAR: Sophomore

HEIGHT: 5'11"


HOMETOWN: Orlando, Florida

HIGH SCHOOL: Lake Highland

2010 STATS: None. He didn't appear in any games, either. 

Wait, strike that.  Do head injuries suffered during spring practice in 2011 count as 2010 stats?  If so, then yes, he had one (1) head injury last year.

Zach (Or is it Zack? Or Zak? Someone get his parents on the horn . . . . ) was a walk-on last year, so let's all celebrate the fact that he was issued the proper equipment and apparel necessary to watch Syracuse football win games while watching from the sidelines.

2011 PROJECTIONS: I will project that his bicep tattoos will make me quake in fear of the deceptive benevolence and haunting love of God.

After a move from safety to linebacker during spring ball, McCarrell is sitting third on the post-spring depth chart at the SAM linebacker position behind Dan Vaughan and Siriki Diabate. The likelihood of McCarrell playing any significant snaps for Syracuse this season is slim unless, of course, he has been planning a series of drunken brawls between those ahead of him on the depth chart to ensure that they are demoted.

(Can someone confirm whether McCarrell has "Love Iago" tattooed on his pecs?)

Or, he could get a look on special teams.  Both seem like reasonable possibilities.

HOW'D HE GET HERE: Scouring the Internet searching machines with my computing device, it looks like McCarrell was super interested in Northwestern, but nothing came to fruition.  In the end, he took a preferred walk-on position at Syracuse

It's a good thing that he did, too.  I'm not sure how much fearing of God he would do if he was a Damn Methodist.

WHAT DID SCOUT/RIVALS SAY?: Rivals went with two stars. Scout went with the very delicate no stars, which probably means that McCarrell started dating Scout's ex-girlfriend without telling him and Scout got pissed off and totally gave him no stars when he probably deserved, like, six or eight of them.

Tracy is such a slut. 

MONEY QUOTE: You know who likes intensity?  Doug Marrone.

You know who likes to bring intensity?  Zach McCarrell:

"I bring intensity," he said. "I’m not much of a talker, but I bring leadership on the field and I work hard. No one’s going to tell me I can’t do anything without me trying to do it. I’m going to contribute as much as I can, on and off the field."

INTERESTING NUGGET O' INTEREST: He apparently has a hell of a medical coverage plan:

"Looking back, as a dad I probably should have pulled him out quicker with some of his injuries," said father and Lake Highland strength coach Jeff McCarrell, a former Army Ranger who has coached and trained his son since Pop Warner.

"But he wouldn't quit. That's how he's always been out there. He has one speed -- all go."

That kamikaze style has led to numerous highlights, but often put Zach on the training table.

Coming off a 120-tackle season as a freshman, he missed the first and final games of his sophomore season with a torn tendon in his left hand and a concussion. In between, he was "catching punts with one hand," Jeff said.

Last season, he was leading the team in tackles and rushing before chipping a bone in his left knee during the Highlanders' fifth game. He missed the rest of the year.

WHAT DOES MARRONE THINK?: No fucking clue.

TRAINS AND SCHOOL BUSES AS WEDGE BUSTING THEORY: Choo-choo!  Here's comes the McCarrell Express: