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Rhode Island Bringing New Uniforms With Them In September

The biggest accusation against Syracuse football last season was their FCS-heavy schedule that included Colgate and Maine. This year we go back to playing just one and it's nice to take a break from all that Maine.

Rhode Island will bring their horned helmets to the Dome on September 10th and they're actually breaking out some brand new lids when they arrive.




Looking at the old helmet, you can see it was exactly the same, just with different colors.

In fact, Rhode Island plans to wear totally new uniforms when they arrive in the Dome. I suppose when you step onto the big stage that we occupy, you want to wear your Saturday best.

Rhody will be hoping to make things a little more manageable that last time. Syracuse racked up 63 points against the Rams in 2002 en route to a 63-17 win. Walter Reyes scored three times, but then again you already assumed that.