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College Basketball Recruiting: Mike Hopkins-Style

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via's Jeff Borzello spent all-day last Friday tagging along with Syracuse assistant coach Mike Hopkins while in Las Vegas on the recruiting trail.

You can read all of the highlights here as Borzello penned a bunch of posts about the experience. Here are the highlights...

"When recruiting a kid, wouldn't it make you sick if he said, 'Well, you didn't recruit me hard enough,'" Hopkins said. "I'm not leaving until the kid sees me, looking like a billboard."

At Syracuse, we've always had great forwards," Hopkins said, rattling off Carmelo Anthony, John Wallace, Billy Owens, Derrick Coleman and others. "We have to find people that fit what we do."

"It's bad business when you take guys only because they're rated high," he said. "Some coaches say, 'Oh I heard he's good, why aren't we recruiting him?' They want to go on the golf course and talk about who they got. That's how you win the press conference, not games."

"It's about having a great team," Hopkins said.

Good stuff. Make sure you check out all the posts.