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Syracuse Vs. Wake Forest Exists Only In Your Mind

Are we awake or are we in a dream? Seems a simple answer and you really know? Are you even real?

Cause the purported football game between Syracuse and Wake Forest set to take place September 1st isn't real, at least not according to the network televising the game.

The SU-Wake game was moved to Thursday, September 1st so that ESPN could broadcast the game on its bullshit network. However, that might just be what they WANTED you to think. Maybe, just maybe, it was a ruse. Because when you look at the ESPN college football schedule, there is no Syracuse-Wake Forest game on September 1st.

Just in case you think its a glitch, head on over to the ESPN Big East schedule page and, BEHOLD...the game does not exist either.

And so, I beg you is time to revolt. RISE UP AND FIGHT BACK! Take back your mind and Incept yourself back into the real world where Syracuse actually does play Wake Forest on September 1st and you will watch it on and you will wonder how you ever accepted that dreamscape in the first place.

...and why you created Dick Vitale in this dreamworld.  Seriously, why?

H/T: Brian