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The TNIAAM 2011 Preseason Big East Football Rankings

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Yesterday we found out who the SB Nation bloggers thought were the best players in the Big East (my ballot). Today we'll find out how they think the season is going to unfold and which team will walk away with the Big East crown.

Or more realistically, which four teams will be crowned co-champions?

I'll lay down my highly-unscientific thoughts below and the SB Nation version will be up later today at Big East Coast Bias.

1. USF - I know, right? Crazy. But then again you're talking about a league that's been represented by Cincinnati and UConn in the last couple years. I feel like the Bulls have finally put together enough pieces to get it done. Probably comes down to B.J. Daniels and whether or not he can make the leap. (And if the Bulls go 4-8 this season, remember this as proof that nobody knows nothing).

2. Pitt - I don't know what to think about Pitt at all. The Wannstache is gone, but is the need to severely-disappoint and fall short of expectations gone with him? Or is that just a Pitt thing (see: Pitt Basketball). The New Coach Factor is in effect but the Panthers do have a lot of talent.

3. Cincinnati - After looking over the All-Big-East team it occurred to me that the Bearcats have all the weapons to return to their 40+/night level that they had a couple years ago. The defense might not be back to that level but you can expect to see teams have to track-meet Cincy, and most Big East squads aren't built for that.

4. West Virginia - I know the Mountaineers are the obvious selection for the conference title but there's just something about Dana Holgorsen - Year One that makes me think the team will go through enough growing pains to miss out on the conference crown. They've got the talent but the schedule might take a bite out of them.

5. Syracuse - If I'm taking off my orange hat with a picture of Otto on it and being objective, Syracuse has a couple things working against it. The defensive talent took a hit, especially at LB. The offense should be solid but no one's expecting fireworks. And the schedule, which not as tough as some are making it out to be, is a little tougher than last season. Standing pat around 8 wins seems to be the hope of most, but obviously I'm rooting for more.

6. Louisville - I have absolutely nothing to base this on other than the fact that Louisville always has to be slightly behind Syracuse in football. It's just the way it is.

7. Rutgers - The Knights are fired up given that no one expects them to be very good this year (except them). And while they do have some weapons, they've got a ways to go on the offensive line, and Syracuse fans can tell you what a bad offensive line can do for you.

8. UConn - Are we about to watch the Big East champ nosedive into the basement? You betcha. Tons of talent gone, longtime coach gone and The New Coach Factor plus the fact that the new coach hasn't been a head coach in 7 years and his OC is George DeLeone. It's gonna be a long year in Storrs.

Don't forget to head over the Big East Coast Bias to check out the full power rankings later today.