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Etan Thomas Nearing Deal To Play In Spain

The news that Etan Thomas is considering playing basketball in Spain this season is of interest to us for a couple reasons.

No. 1, he used to play for Syracuse.

No. 2, he's the NBA Players Union VP, and if he thinks he needs to find alternate means of income for the foreseeable future, then you can't probably bank on deal happening anytime soon.

"He doesn’t see the lockout ending this season," Sealy said.

No word on the specific club just yet. However it'll be nice to add Spain to the Ottoman Empire. We were missing some coverage on the Iberian Peninsula.

Thomas has been extremely vocal in his displeasure over the way the NBA has handled the lockout and one wonders if he'll be able to continue voicing those concerns from across the ocean.

Oddly enough, the top teams in Spanish basketball are basically the same as in soccer: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Rony Seikaly once played for Barca.