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Big East Expansion: The Longhorn Network Effect

I haven't heard much recently on the Villanova front, not the Temple one for that matter. Probably for the best for now.

According to this poll, we should probably just invite UCF based on the fact that more people are apparently Knight fans than Bulls fans.

Florida led the way with 30 percent, followed by FSU (18), UCF (11) and Miami (9), with USF just barely ahead of Florida Atlantic (5 percent), a younger Sun Belt program that hasn't come close to USF's success on the field.

I'm sure the fine folks over at Voodoo Five will have something to say about this shortly.

I'm sure you've seen this report out of the Big 12 where Texas A&M and Oklahoma are kinda thinking about jumping ship because the Longhorn Network gives Texas an unfair recruiting advantage. Couple the news with this chest-thumping quote from the SEC commish and you can get to thinkin'...

"I could get to 16 (teams) in 15 minutes."

Is the 16-team conference that failed to gained traction out west just a matter of time in the south? And if so, how will the dominoes fall from there?

If the SEC ever did go 16-team, we're working under the assumption Texas A&M and Oklahoma go. And if Oklahoma goes, so does Oklahoma State. That leaves one slot. Is it for someone like Kansas? Or how bout West Virginia, which is a little closer to home and provides better football? And if West Virginia goes, where does the Big East go from there?

Check out this full-blown analysis over at VUHoops for more.

Anyway, expect expansion to be a much-asked topic by reporters on Big East Media Day. Also expect expansion to be a much-deflected topic by coaches, players and Big East brass. Let the conjecture continue!