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The 2011 TNIAAM All-Big East Preseason Team

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The fine folks over at Big East Coast Bias have coordinated with our SB Nation Big East football schools to create an All-Big East preseason team.

Here's my well-thought-out, scientifically-vetted thoughts on the matter...


QB - Zach Collaros (Cincy)

RB - Ray Graham (Pitt)

RB - Isaiah Pead (Cincy)

WR - Tavon Austin (WVU)

WR - D.J. Woods (Cincy)

OL - Moe Petrus (UConn)

OL - Chaz Hine (WVU)

OL - Lucas Nix (Pitt)

OL - Justin Pugh (Syracuse)

OL - Mike Ryan (UConn)

TE - Nick Provo (Syracuse)


DL - Bruce Irvin (WVU)

DL - Jesse Joseph (UConn)

DL - Derek Wolfe (Cincy)

DL - Chandler Jones (Syracuse)

LB - Max Gruder (Pitt)

LB - Dede Lattimore (USF)

LB - JK Schaffer (Cincy)

DB - Blidi Wreh-Wilson (UConn)

DB - Keith Tandy (WVU)

DB - Phil Thomas (Syracuse)

DB - Shamarko Thomas (Syracuse)



K - Ross Krautman (Syracuse)

P - Pat O'Donnell (Cincy)

KR - Lindsay Lamar (USF)

AS - Armando Sanchez (USF)

Head over to Big East Coast Bias later today for the cumulative conference rankings.