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Syracuse Chancellor Nancy Cantor Going On A Retreat (Fun!)

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How exciting for Nancy Cantor, you guys. She's going on a retreat with a whole bunch of her colleagues! Just think of how pumped up she's gonna be when she gets back after all those trust falls and improv-exercises and motivational speakers. It all just sounds like so much fu....oh, wait a minute...

What is the goal of this retreat?

The goal is to examine the critical issues facing intercollegiate athletics today and to – collectively among all the presidents – determine the course of action that we need to be taking to address those challenges.  We especially need to address those challenges in the three key areas we’ve described: financial sustainability, integrity and academic performance.


Cantor is one of 60 university presidents, athletic directors, faculty representatives and conference commissioners expected to attend the NCAA Presidential Retreat August 9-10 in Indianapolis (Sorry DOC, no invite for you).

You know all those violations and shady goings-on you've been hearing about out of every championship college football program from the last decade? Well the NCAA is done taking all that guff. The time for guff-taking is over. The time for guff-giving is now.

"We have reached a point where incremental change is not sufficient to meet these challenges.  I want us to act more aggressively and in a more comprehensive way than we have in the past.  A few new tweaks of the rules won’t get the job done."

Lots of fancy words and tough-sounding resolutions are sure to come out of the event. Whether or not any of it makes a difference...I think you and I know the answer to that.*

* Don't tell the answer to anyone attending the retreat. No spoilers, right?