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Colgate Prepares For Annual Pasting: Raiders Visit Dome Nov. 19

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Syracuse and Colgate have played each on the hardwood 163 times. At the first meeting in 1902, Jim Boeheim scored 22 and Syracuse trounced the Raiders 33-8.* Colgate got us back a month later, 21-17, and the rivalry was born.

The rivalry kinda died in the 50's when the Orange started winning every single game the two teams played, a streak that hasn't let up in 45 years (We lead the series 118-45). Odds are it won't let up this year either when the Orange and Raiders tangle on November 19th in the Carrier Dome.

Colgate was 7-23 overall and 4-10 in the Patriot League last year but there's a new sheriff in town. Former Temple and Penn assistant Matt Langel is their new coach. Let's give him a warm welcome, shall we?

Last season the Orange put a walloping on Colgate, 100-45. The Orange led by as much as 63 and the 57-point final equaled Syracuse’s largest win in Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim’s 35-year tenure.

* Some parts of that sentence might be untrue.