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The Hartford Colonials Are Your Favorite UFL Team

You think I'm joking, but as of this moment, the UFL is the only sure pro football game in town, so you better start rooting.

And when you root, you root, root, root for the Colonials, who now have two Syracuse players on their roster.

OL Adam Terry has been a member of the team for some time now. Well, for a year I think, but that's a lot of time in UFL years.

Now, Da'Mon Merkerson has joined the Colonials in the fight against Locomotives, Mountain Lions, Nighthawks and Destroyers (RIP, Tuskers).

The only drawback to rooting for the Colonials? They play at Rentschler Field, home of the Huskies. But what else are you gonna do, root for those sinners in Las Vegas? I don't think so.

Did I mention Jerry Glanville is the coach? Jerry Glanville is the coach.

Camp opens Monday, July 18th and the season kicks off August 13th.