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Get To Know Your Orange-Man: #48--Carl Cutler

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We're 50 deep in the Orange-man saga, and what better way to celebrate that than with an SU two-fer! But before you advance, click here to check out the damage we've done so far. 

Now sit down my friends, and try not to shutter

As I tell you the tale of the star-crossed Carl Cutler.

Number: 48

Position: Fullback/Tight End

Year: Junior

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 240 pounds

Hometown: Norwich, VT

High School: Hanover (NH)

I'll tap my inner Bill Shakespeare to tell the Carl Cutler tale. And I'll apologize in advance because my Iambic Pentameter is a little rusty...

2010 Stats:

Here is the bad news, my friends, in small doses

Cutler fell in spring practice. The doctor's prognosis?

A torn left ACL and meniscus, you know

The 2010 season for Cutler went so:

No games/accrued stats but a chance to return

A fire within his belly doth burn.

2011 seemed so far away

For Cutler, it'd be his next chance to play

2011 Projections:

The bad news won't stop, here is the word

Cutler fell once more in Spring practice the third

Rehabbing his left knee so long in vain

The converted tight end felt familiar pain

2011 won't occur for this gent

Blame his anterior cruciate ligament

Jailed once again in an injury prison

Cutler awaits his senior season



How'd He Get Here?: 

To Cutler, it was never a contest

The high school tight end liked the Orange best

Boston College and UConn must feel like beggars

Losing a battle to the man we call Greggers.

Money Quote:

Sideline time is something any player abhors

But few step up to be veteran mentors

"I was on the sideline. I was there helping as much as I could," he said. "As an older player I was able to bring along some of the younger players, and be there with advice."

Scouts/Rivals Said:, recruitng czars

Gave Carl Cutler just two stars.

And though I jest in rhyme for fun

I give his left knee only one.

Doug Marrone Said: It doesn't seem right to poem-up a HCDM quote. From the little I've found, Doug called Carl's injury "devastating." And that's true--Beckett Wales was gone for whatever period of time, and they need a hard-nosed blocker like Cutler to step up. Next man up, Nick Provo.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:

Back with the poems, in a different style

And with some ironic parlance

Carl Cutler has been injured a while

Yet majors in health science

Let Us Getta Good Look Atchya:

Well congrats, you've made it to the end of the poetry profile. And like the poetry unit in English class everyone hated, what kind of teacher would I be if I didn't reward you with a video? And Carl's high school highlights beat out Dead Poets Society any day of the week.

Carl Cutler Senior highlights (via cwhammer)

I know I speak for all of us at TNIAAM when I say good luck with rehab #2, Carl.