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The NCAA '12 Syracuse Football Highlight Challenge

ea sports
ea sports

EA Sports NCAA '12 was released a few days ago. By now there should be tons of Syracuse highlights on YouTube showing off Ryan Nassib's rocket arm, Antwon Bailey's legs o'thunder, #Shamarko's ability to snap human beings in two and Ross Krautman's 90-yard field goal kicking range.


There are only three highlight videos up there and one of them is a sideline pass and another one has us playing Ohio.

This will not stand. And I'm counting on you to remedy it.

Your challenge is to post the best possible highlight you can of the Syracuse Orange doing something very-very good in EA Sports NCAA '12.

There's no specific criteria but there are some things that will make your highlight stand out.

  • We should score and/or prevent the other team from scoring. I think that goes without saying.
  • In the Dome, obvs.
  • We should be doing it against a Big East team. Preferably Rutgers.
  • Shot of Doug Marrone doing that generic fist-pump they make coaches do on the sidelines is a bonus.
  • Players should have their actual named on the back of jerseys. I don't care about QB #12 but I love me some Ryan Nassib.

Get to it... Post your video as a FanShot when it's live.