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Doug Marrone: America's Next Top American

It takes a lot these days to write an article that makes me smile uncontrollably like a little schoolchild just handed a crate of ice pops while reading it the entire time, but somehow, someway, ESPN Magazine's Ryan Hockensmith made it happen.

I'm not going to paraphrase it. I'm not going to pull quotes and try to write around them. I'm just going to tell you to go read it. Right now. Go. I'll be here when you get back.




Alright, now that you've read it, let's discuss the top ten things about the article:

1. This photo. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The best Doug Marrone photo ever or THE best Doug Marrone photo ever?

2. That, when no one is looking, Doug Marrone truly, honestly does eat, sleep and breathe Syracuse. I know that we already knew that but to know it once more is to know that what we knew was right.

3. The phone message. You know, the one you'll now be calling Doug Marrone to do for you as soon as you're done reading this.

4. Grandma Marrone is your new favorite Grandma. Sorry, your Grandma.

5. "So yeah, I try to sign everything." Don't let Steiner Sports ever try to tell you they have a rare Doug Marrone autograph on sale for $300.

6. Baylor's Art Briles is good people.

7. So. Miss' Larry Fedora and Iowa's Kirk Ferentz are pretty decent people.

8. Every other NCAA FBS head coach is worse than Hitler.

9. "Stay with us." The unofficial motto of The 2011 Syracuse Football season.

10. Doug Marrone coaches Syracuse football. Just thought you needed an FYI.