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The Amazin' Kristof! Returns To Cuse

Where in the world is Kristof! Ongenaet? It's the question that keeps you up nights. SU Athletics was kind enough to do some legwork and check in with The Belgian Waffle and see what one of our all-time favorite Orange is up to now.

Last we'd heard, KO was tooling around in the Italian League and it looks like he's continuing to do the same.

I’ve been playing in Italy, I’ve been playing in Ancona for about six months and then the last couple months I transferred to a team in Bologna.That’s where my season was. I had a lot of fun. It’s beautiful out there and a really good experience.

I just finished my contract over there in Italy. So now I’m a free agent and now it’s pretty much all up to my agent. Hopefully he can find me a good team for next year.

If anyone ever told Doug Marrone that there was an actual place called Bologna, I imagine he's daydream about dancing through a field of cured meats like Homer Simpson in "Flushing Meadows."

Turns out the reason Kristof! is so accessible is because he's back in the Cuse.

The last couple months I’ve been struggling with my back and Brad Pike is helping me a lot with that as well as Ryan Cabiles who is helping me strengthen up my back. So that is my main goal of why I’m here and obviously seeing the guys from when I use to play here is also a plus.

Up next for KO is the Belgium National Team tryouts. We wish him the best and we know he'll be diving to the ground for a loose ball sometime soon.