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What Should Doug Marrone's Ice Cream Flavor Be?

Randy Edsall, who hasn't accomplished a thing yet at Maryland and only won the Big East at UConn by default, now has his own ice cream flavor.


According to Testudo Times, Rockin' Randy "appears to be vanilla chocolate chip, with some type of filling that's too blurry to make out." I've been saying about Edsall for years.

And so, if Randy Edsall can get an ice cream for doing nothing, why do I continue to live in a world in which Doug Marrone does not have his own ice cream?

So if no one is going to make one, we're just going to have to create one on our own. Here's my try:

Orange Chocolate Chip Cookie Doug(h) - Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chips and an frozen orange Gatorade drizzle.

Your turn. And if you can find a way to make bologna work, God bless you...