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Camden Catholic's Coleman Commits to 'Cuse

This is a picture of Coleman kicking the crap out of some poor sap.  via <a href="*450/20110206_inq_jcath06-b.JPG"></a>
This is a picture of Coleman kicking the crap out of some poor sap. via

Alliteration, homeboys.

Well, it's a day of the week and that means that Doug Marrone received a football commitment.  At this rate, Syracuse is going to have a small artillery division receiving scholarships for the class of 2012.

The latest soul to voluntarily receive daily beatings from Rear Admiral Marrone is defensive tackle Marcus Coleman.  Coleman, a rising senior from fancy pants Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is the 12th cat in the Orange's upcoming football class. 

The recruiting sites don't have too much on the 6'3", 275-pound wrecking ball from E-Street Nation.  Scout hasn't evaluated Coleman yet and Rivals is similarly lazy

However, Nolan Weidner of The Post-Standard picked up the old telephone and pieced together the following bon mots:

Coleman, who played on the offensive line at Camden Catholic last season, said he prefers defense and was recruited for that at SU.

"I'm extremely aggressive, and I don't take any plays off," Coleman said while riding home from Syracuse.

Part of the persuasion for Coleman and his mother, he said, was SU coach Doug Marrone and his philosophy.

"All of his players have a high discipline," Coleman said. "And he is preparing them to be well-rounded individuals."

About that "all of his players have a high discipline" stuff.  Let's forget the Rutgers game last season, OK?  Cool.  Now we're square.  Also, Malcolm Cater.  Doesn't exist. 

Coleman, a wrestler -- not the professional kind, although it'd be cool if he played with one of those Mexican wrestling masks under his helmet -- had one other scholarship offer before his commitment to Syracuse: from Delaware. 


He was, apparently, also receiving interest from Rutgers, Boston College, and Iowa.  I guess it's better to be under the radar rather than not on the radar at all.  Unless you're flying a stealth bombing mission.  Then it's no good to be on any radar.