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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #77 Lou Alexander

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It's a three-for-one special today in our "Get To Know Your Orange Man" series, as we continue on to look at offensive lineman Lou Alexander.

Player: Lou Alexander

Number: #77

Position: Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 329 

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

High School: Highland (also attended College of the Canyons before attending SU)

2010 Stats: Nada, although College of the Canyons 325.1 yards per game on offensive with Alexander on the line in 2009.

2011 Projections: Like his fellow California lineman before him, Deon Goggins, Alexander probably won't see too much time on the field this year as he adjusts to the speed of D1 football.  However, as he gets in shape and learns what SU's offense is all about, he should provide solid depth in the O-Line.

How'd He Get Here: Lou originally committed to Syracuse in December of 2009 as a member of the 2010 recruiting class, but didn't make it on to campus until this past January.  Like many others, he cited the strong family atmosphere and close bonds between the players and coaches as the main selling point.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?: Scout listed Lou as a 2-star, and Rivals has him as a 3-star.  As we know, however, star rankings aren't everything.  He also held offers from Oregon and UCLA, and had heavy interest from other PAC-10 teams as well as Auburn, Iowa State and Miami.

Money Quote: Lou doesn't seem to be the most talkative guy, so here's what his old head coach at College of the Canyons Garett Tujague had to say about him:

"He's probably one of the most athletic guys in the country at our level...He moves well, runs well, is very strong in the weight room, understands defensive schemes well. I'm not sure where Syracuse is going to play him. Hopefully, he brings some athletic ability to their line. It's very important. You can't have just big masses up there. You've got to have athletic guys."  

Links of Wonder: Donnie Webb on Lou after his original commitment. 

What Does Marrone Think?:  I'm sure a lot of things.  However, they haven't graced the easily accessible pages of the internet just yet.  

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:  Well, his full name is Louiszell Kat Alexander which is awesome.  He was a star at the JuCo level, and helped College of the Canyons go 10-0 in 2008 en route to a National Division Northern Conference Championship.

Let Us Get a Good Look At You:

Lou is #55-

College of the Canyons Football vs Allan Hancock College, Oct. 3 2009 (via CollegeoftheCanyons)

College of the Canyons has tons of videos from old games on their YouTube account, so there should be plenty of Sweet Lou for everyone.