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Take The SU Blanket Challenge With Jim Boeheim, DOC Gross & Roosevelt Bouie

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I've lost track of how many golf tournaments Syracuse coaches and admins have been involved with this summer. All I know is, the Jim Boeheim Classic is the grand-daddy of them all.

Well, technically not since it's only the fourth annual one, but it does have Jim Boeheim in the name.

Among the celebrities expected to participate are Syracuse director of athletics Dr. Daryl Gross, former SU All-American tight end Chris Gedney, basketball standout and All-American Roosevelt Bouie and David Shiroff, president and CEO of Metro Mattress, the presenting sponsor for the event.

Celebrities indeed.

But this isn't just for celebrities, peons like you can play, as well. Well, rich peons, but peons nonetheless.

The Jim Boeheim Golf Classic includes six challenges (prizes to include: cash, trips with the SU basketball team, iPods, etc.):

  • Three Tier Break Challenge (similar to a challenge on the Golf Channel's "Big Break") From 50 yards away, try to break the ball through an SU logo on three different tiers of materials
  • SU Blanket Challenge - Drive the ball from 250 yards out, try to land it on the SU blanket
  • Golf Dome Targets - Chip the ball at targets on a par 3, accumulate points by hitting the targets
  • Longest Drive
  • Chipping out of the sand
  • Closest to the pin