Syracuse's NCAA Football 12 Rating Not That Shabby

NCAA Football 12 (College Football Video Game from EA Sports) is right around the corner. Which means ratings for the 120 D-1 or FBS teams are getting release.

Last year Syracuse was C+ Overall, B- Offense,and C+ Defense.

It looks like EA notice the teams success from last year and we received a slight raise overall.....

Rating (B-)

Offense (B)

Defense (C+)

Sp. Teams (B-)

Prestige (3)

Better than last year, but lets keep this going up in future games. Here's to a A- Defense and a 6 Prestige (or a least a 4) in NCAA 13.

Oh and here's everybody else if you want to check.

Big East Coast Bias compared all of the Big East team rankings. I'm not quite sure how Syracuse ends up with the worst-rated defense, but then again a lot of those rankings don't make any sense.