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Chad Kelly Likes Syracuse. Then Again, He Likes A Lot Of Schools.

I know, keeping track of incoming recruits can be a chore. But if there's any one possible Class of '12 Syracuse football recruit you need to remain aware of, it's Chad Kelly.

We've touched on Kelly a little bit. Jim Kelly's nephew is the signal caller for St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute (sounds fancy!) in Buffalo. He's a four-star or three-star QB, depending on who you talk to. He's got about 13 offers on the table right now, including Alabama, Florida State, Michigan State, Louisville, Rutgers, UConn, Cincy and Syracuse. And according to him, he's narrowed things down to seven schools:

Michigan State, Purdue, Syracuse, Buffalo, Florida State, Alabama and Clemson.

Now, it's easy to look at that list and see the Orange (along with Buffalo) as a courtesy contender. However, check out what Kelly had to say to Orange Fizz after his visit to SU this past weekend:

"Coach Marrone, Coach Hackett, I probably have the best relationship with them out of any of the coaches I’ve talked to. Coach Hackett, he’s awesome man – making me laugh all the time and everything. He took great care of us today, coach Marrone did too. It was just great. I’m happy to be here and thankful for everything that’s happened."

"I’d probably say my relationship with the coaches. they definitely put themselves high on the list for sure, today was a great visit just got to know more and more people and plus the players, not every place I got visit with the players but talking to them sitting with em right now, they’re pretty sweet."

Of course, let's not all go slapping each on the butt just yet. Here's what Kelly said to before starting his spring visits:

"Clemson is still up there, along with Florida State," Kelly told the online publication which covers Clemson football. "I have so many mixed feelings. One day I want to go to FSU. Then you have to take a step back and look at your ultimate goal. Those two are tied. And I’d say Alabama is still up there, too. ... So it’s basically those three teams on top right now."

So, you know, don't make any assumptions. Just sit back, put your faith in Marrone & Hackett and enjoy the show. Go check out some highlights of the young gunslinger and start wondering about what might be.