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USC Vacates 2004 BCS Title: Does Syracuse Have A Case?

Don't give me this garbage that no one will replace USC as the 2004 BCS National Champion now that the Trojans have been forced to vacate the title. SOMEbody's got to be champion.

But who?

Oklahoma? They got embarrassed 55-19 in the Orange Bowl that year, no way can we hand it over to them.

Auburn? They just got a title so they don't need another one.

Utah? They're Utah, so of course not.

What about Syracuse? Why can't us?

If you will, let me make my case.

  • Yes, the Orange finished the year 6-6 but that included a 37-17 decimation of the mighty Buffalo Bulls, a 42-30 win over UConn, who would go to the Fiesta Bowl seven years later, a 43-17 slaughter of Boston College in Boston and a 41-31 beatdown of Rutgers, and who doesn't appreciate seeing Rutgers get beat down?
  • USC beat BYU 42-10 in 2004. Just four years earlier, Syracuse defeated BYU 42-14. So, you see, Syracuse was RIGHT BEHIND USC, statistically-speaking.
  • Syracuse lost 51-0 to Purdue in the season opener but it was a mercy loss. They're Purdue, for God's sake. They needed a boost. We deserve credit for that.
  • Syracuse went to the Champs Sports Bowl that year. The word CHAMPS is in the friggin' title.
  • Our Athletic Director used to be the Assistant AD at USC, so in a way, Syracuse is responsible for everything good that USC did in 2004. It was only when left to their own devices that USC broke NCAA rules.
  • Because of the way they lost the Champs Sports Bowl, Syracuse fired its head coach and hired Greg Robinson, scourge of Central New York and defecator in the soup bowl of Syracuse tradition. If any collegiate football program deserves recompense for the events of 2004, it is Syracuse.

Thank you, BCS. We await your call.