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Orange Tip-Off 2011-2012: What Would You Like To Read?

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It's only June but it's about that time for me to start planning Orange Tip-Off Magazine for the upcoming basketball season.

That means thinking about what stories to feature, what historical tales to tell and what predictions to make.

I've got 128 pages to fill so it can be a little daunting to figure out just what goes in there and what makes the cut. That's why I'm looking to you for a little help.

As the potential audience for a magazine dedicated to Syracuse basketball...what are you looking for? What kind of stories? What kind of features? More historical analysis? More statistical breakdowns? More Georgetown hate?

The writers and I have our own ideas of what to write about but I'm curious to know if there's anything specific you're looking for from a season preview magazine. Is there a player or coach you want to know more about? Do you want more information about a specific opponent? Do you want to know more about what really happened behind-the-scenes of one particular season? Was there some important piece of information missing from the player profiles last year? Is there a specific list or chronological story that you'd like to see?

Whatever it is that would make you thrown down $12.99 for a Syracuse basketball magazine, I'd love to know. I promise to consider it all, unless it's another profile on Jim Boeheim. Enough of that guy, amiright? (No, I am not right).

(And for what it's worth, I still have a couple signed copies of last year's magazine available, e-mail if interested...)